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Galley copies!


“They’re selling like hotcakes” is probably stretching things a bit because, you know, hotcakes cost money. The galley copies of my book that I received a few weeks ago, on the other hand, are priced to move at zero.

To avoid any confusion, the actual book won’t be published until July 12, after which time it will be available everywhere as a hardcover or an e-book. After getting several rounds of “congratulations” on a Facebook photo of the galleys, I should point out that they are uncorrected proofs meant for:

  1. People who review books or interview authors (and if you’re one of those people and didn’t get one, don’t be shy about getting in touch); or
  2. people who are very close relatives or friends and who think it is really cool to have something produced by an actual publisher with my name on it; and/or
  3. People who can’t wait three months to do this (all of whom I think fall into that last category too).

I was pretty excited to hold one in my hand too. It’s also been nice to read some of the advance praise (I’ll create a link here later).


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